MG Magic, Inc. has been Supplying Quality Replica Kit Car parts since 1989. We have established an excellent reputation selling new replacement parts and accessories for a variety of FiberFab and Classic Motor Carriages Replica Kit Cars. We supply New Parts for MG TD, MG MiGi, Gazelle, SSK, British Replicas, German Replicas, and specialty automobiles. Because of the nature of these vehicles, it is highly recommended that you call us directly with any questions on parts you are ordering from the online Store. 

We encourage all potential customers, as well as current customers, to visit the online Store to purchase any parts and accessories that they are looking to buy. There are an enormous amount of differences between these vehicles and models. Unlike most production automobiles, there were many production differences that were never documented. Please review the "MG Magic Parts Picture Gallery" pictured below.  The pictures show the parts as they appear on the car, along with a brief description of each parts below the picture.                  *** 20% Restocking Fee on any Item Returned in Original Package and in New (Never Used) Condition ***

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1952 MG Replica Kit Car
1929 Gazelle SSK Replica Kit Car
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Parts are for Classic Motor Carriages MG TD / Gazelle 
and FiberFab MG-TD / SSK Replica Kit Car's.
**Tan / Black / White Coupe Convertible Top**
**Chrome Luggage Rack**
**Back-up Light Assembly w/Bulb**
**MG-TD White / Tan / Black Convertible Top**
**White Fender Welting**

**MG-TD Headlight Housing, 7" Chrome**
** Headlight Rock Guard **
**Parking Light / Turn Signal Assembly**
**Hold Down (Hood Latch) S/S CMC Style**
**Fender Mirror, CMC (Right) with Hardware**

**SSK Exhaust Stack Set Stainless Steel**
**Exhaust Stack Flange (Chrome)**
**Exhaust Stack span Engine to Fender **
**Exhaust Stack Pipe also Sold "By The Foot"**
Exhaust Stack Flange S/Steel Screw Set

**MG Replica Rear Bumper Chrome**
*Bumper Guard (Overrider) Replica Kit Chrome*
**Hold Down (Rear Engine Cover) Chrome** 
**Back-up Light, Round, Clear 3 1/2" Polished**
**Hood Strap, (Long 50"-55"/ Short 42"-47")**
**Headlight Conduit, Chrome Plated (Pair)**
**Fog Light, Deluxe Set 5" Round Amber Lens**
**Bumperettes, Flat Bar Bumper Rubber**
**SSK Windshield Bracket, Knurled Knob**
**Mirror, Side Mount Chrome Plastic Base**
**Hinge Door or Hood, 3" Chrome or Sainless**
**Door Handle, Outside, CMC/FF Gazelle/SSK**
Windshield SunVisor, Mounted to Top of Frame
Mirror RearView Dash Mount, S/S Classic Style
​Dash Grab Handle, 5 3/4"Long, 4"Hole Centers
**Taillight Assembly, Lucky Replacement**
**Taillight "Lens" (Screw at Top & Bottom)**
**Taillight "Lens" Red**
**Screw on Left and Right**
**Real Chrome Half Moon**
**Stainless Steel Trim Ring**
**Wheel Cover Chrome Spoke**
**Set of Four or Five**
**MG or MB Center Logo**
**15" or 14" Available**
**Steering Wheel Kit, Mahogany, MB Logo**
**Steering Wheel Kit, Mahogany, MG Logo**
**Gauge Set (6) with Senders**
**Dash Board Indicator Lights**
**Dash Switch "Push / Pull**
**Door Latch,  Slam Set**
**Door Latch,  FF MiGi**
**Door Latch,  Smooth Travel**
**Hinge Deck Lid Polished SS**
**Short Side or Strap**
**Hinge Door / Hood **
**4" or 3" Polished S/S**
*Hold Down (Hood and Trunk)*
**Chrome / Polished Stainless**
**Gazelle / SSK Grill Shell**
**Headlight Housing, 7" Chrome (Pair)**
**Parking Light / Turn Signal Lucas Style**
**Trumpet Horn's 16" All Stainless Steel**
*Badge Bar, SSK Stainless Steel, Satin Finish*
**Headlight Conduit, Chrome Plated Brass**
**Aux Light, Round, Clear 3 1/2" Polished S/S**
** Bumperettes, Flat Bar Bumper Rubber**
**MG Replica Grill  Shell, Slat Set Chrome**
**Headlight Housing, Bracket, Conduit**
**Fog Lights, Deluxe Set 5" Round Amber**​**Front Bumper Bracket, Behind MG Bumper**
**Replica Size Chrome Front Bumper**
Mirror, Side Mount Chrome Plastic Base CMC Style Optional (Rectangular)
Mirror, Side Mount Chrome Plastic Base CMC Style Optional  (Round)
Mirror, Side Mount 
 Wing Style,  Round 
(Reversible Left or Right)
**Bow Mount Hardware**
#1 MG VM,  #2 Bow Slide
#3 SSK HM, #4 Bow Socket
**Wiper Arm and Blade Set**
Deluxe, Complete Set of Two
**Motometer with Wings**
**Badges: US Flag, US Shield, Mercedes, Canada, Switzerland**
**Trumpet Horns 16"**
​**Fog Lights 6' x 3 1/2" Amber**
**Motometer with Wings**
**Badges: US Flag, US Shield, Mercedes, Canada, Switzerland**
**Trumpet Horns 16"**
​**Fog Lights 6' x 3 1/2" Amber**
**16" Gazelle Trumpet Horn **
**All Stainless Steel Horn**
**Chrome ABS Horn Cover ** 
** Cover's Sold Separately**
**Windwing Set, Deluxe**
** MG TD Dual Air Horns**
**Chrome with Compressor**
**Chrome ABS Horn Cover's Available and Sold Separate**
**Sun Visors **
**Gazelle or MG TD **
**Mercedes Benz Emblem **
**Chrome Plated **
** Motometer w/Wreath Rim **
**Chrome Plated **
*** 3 Bar Spinner Mounted on Wire Wheel Cover  ***
**Hex Cap for Wire Baskets**
*Mercedes Benz or MG Logo*
*Wire Basket 3 Bar Spinner *
*Mercedes Benz or MG Logo*
** Running Board Side Molding (Aluminium) **
*Running Board Real Rubber Mat (Will not Shrink)*
** Fender Welt, Black (Smooth/Grained/Gloss) **
** Door "Check" Strap Set **
** Keep Door's from Damaging the Fender's**
**Door Opening Fiberglass Edge Molding (Black) **
     License             License       MG License     Lucas Style        License            License
     Bracket             Bracket          Bracket            License         Plate Light       Plate Light
W/ Clearance      w/out Light     Tubular "L"           Light         Light&Bracket  Bracket CMC
** Badge Side Mount **
*** MG TD Chrome Grill Shell (2nds)***                            ***POLISHED STAINLESS STEEL Gazelle Grill ***
Gazelle Grill Badge