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Do you know what Kit Car you have?  
We Supply Parts for:  Classic Motor Carriages "Classic TD" and "Gazelle" &  FiberFab "MG-TD" and "SSK"
****Most  Parts will fit similar kit cars, but may not be an exact replacement part****Check out the listings below to Identify your Replica****
****20% Restocking Fee on any Item Returned in Original Package and in New (Never Used) Condition****
Replica Car's commonly mistaken for the Classic Motor Carriages "Gazelle" and Fiberfab International, Inc. "FiberFab SSK"
​          Barrington          Frazer Nash     Jaguar SS100      ESQUIRE          Early Gazelle           Tiger                Mini Mark             LANCE
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Knowing Exactly which Kit Car Replica you have is as easy as clicking on the links below. A full page will open for each of the thumbnail pictures under the Classic Motor Carriages and FiberFab full size pictures.  Please Email or Call with any questions and orders!
Replica Car's commonly mistaken for the Classic Motor Carriages "Classic TD" and Fiberfab International "FiberFab MG-TD"
​        DAYTONA MIGI     DUCHESS         MODEL 52            LAFER          PC-MG-TD-52         Allison                 eMGe            Bradley MTG